Abhyanga (Full Body Oil Massage)

After covering your body with a high quality, delicate and invigorating warm oil; you wil be treated to a complete massage. The full body oil massage will help to alleviate pain and produce a calming effect. It is also detoxing and stimulates a natural balance to the skin, hair and spirit.

Whatever your lifestyle, this is a great way to help maintain your well-being and good health.

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Ayurveda (Back Massage)

The level of relaxation from a back massage has a deep effect on your entire body. With varying special grips and strokes you will feel the effects from head to toe as all your tension flows away. A rejuvenating and soothing oil is used to massage back, shoulders and neck.

An Ayurveda back massage is the perfect way to let go of your cares for a while.

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Mukabhyanga (Face and Head Massage)

Soothing strokes with almond oil are used to ease the face and neck muscles. The oil also provides nutrients for scalp and face. Special frips on shoulder and décolleté bring a gentle release from built up tensions around these sensitive areas.

The Mukabhyanga strengthens concentration and sharpens the senses.

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Padahyanga (Foot Massage)

Using a warm and pleasant oil; the foot, lower leg and knee will be massaged and stretched using special techniques. With these techniques and the properties of the oil, you will feel the effectiveness of this treatment spread all the way up your body.

This treatment is recommended for those with physically demanding lifestyles or who simply wish to take the weight off their feet.

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